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Introduction to Anthropology

Video to watch: The Secrets Of The Neanderthals

Website to preview:
Recent genetic analysis has documented that Neanderthals were somewhat distinct
from modern humans, with our last common ancestor existing some 600,000 years ago
or more. Neanderthals developed as a separate human species in Europe and
Western Asia after the initial adaptive radiation of Homo erectus out of Africa around
1.8 million years ago. Genetic analysis has also demonstrated that despite differences
Neanderthals contributed some genetic material to some modern humans, since nonAfrican
people of the world have between 1-4% Neanderthal DNA from several
hybridization events that occurred between 40,000 and 60,000 years ago. Other recent
archaeological research has disclosed other aspects of the Neanderthal lifeway.
Neanderthals were not exactly like you or I, yet were they as dramatically different as
how the psuedoscientist Danny Vendramini portrays them in his book Them and Us:
How Neanderthal Predation Created Modern Humans? Please watch the video
Decoding Neanderthals then also preview his website “Them and Us.”. After this,
please deconstruct Danny Vendramini’s ‘Neanderthal Predation theory’ and present
your views on this controversial hypothesis. Draw on lectures, the textbook, the film,
and any other research that you can find. You should be able to effectively do this by
just knowing the gist of Vendramini’s argument from his website. Present your views of
this debate supported by the evidence you have reviewed. Finally, what are your views
about the possible ancestry of Neanderthals to modern populations and why?
Your report should be no more than 2 pages double-spaced (Times, Arial or
similar 12 point font), 1” margins all around, name in header right justified, page

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