How color brings certain memories

APA format, it’s a research paper have to come up with the hypotheses. Focusing on more of the red color.

Psychology 210 Honors: Elementary Statistics Introduction / Literature Review Assignment Dr. Ronquillo 25 Points Hard copy turned in to me REQUIRED at the beginning of class* For this assignment, you will be building the rationale for your correlational research study as it flows from past research. There are three major parts to the Introduction section: 1) Introduce the specific topic of interest 2) Summarize past research 3) Propose a research question and hypotheses derived from relevant research In Part One, set the stage. In about a paragraph or so, explain the general problem and why this topic is worth investigating. In Part Two, summarize the research that is relevant to your topic. When you search the literature, there will be many articles on the broad topic; however, make sure you only discuss research that directly pertains to your specific topic of inquiry. Your goal in this section is to paint a picture of what has been done in the past, and what still needs to be addressed. Finally, in Part Three, a connection between what still needs to be addressed and your current research study is made explicit. Convey how your study addresses any gaps in the literature, or how it might clarify the problem under investigation. Include a brief overview of your method, and end with a clear statement of your hypotheses. Overall, the Introduction section should give your reader a clear understanding of past research, how it connects to the present study, and why it is important to conduct this research. Organization of your paper should follow the following “Funnel Analogy:” Image from: Guidelines You must have three scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals that pertain to your topic. All three articles must be original research studies. You cannot have more than one article that is identical to the rest of your group members. When summarizing relevant literature, you must cite specific references in APA style. Please see APA tutorial . Basically, in the body of the paper, only the last names of the author(s) and the date of publication is used in APA format. When discussing each relevant study, summarize only relevant information that pertains to your hypothesis. Important questions to answer about each study include: What is/are the research questions/aims/goals of the study? What were the two variables of interest that were being measured? How did they measure the variables? What did the researchers find? How does this connect back to your research question? What are the implications of the study? Any questions left open for future research that flow into your hypotheses for your present study? Format You must have an APA Title page and your paper must conform to APA formatting. It must be at least 5-7 pages long. An APAformatted References page must come at the end of your paper. Attach a copy of the abstract for each article that you include in your literature review. Grading The following scoring rubric will be used in grading each part of the Introduction Section (Total 25 points): A B C D F Not done Part One: Introduce Topic (5 points) Clear explanation of the issue Supporting arguments for importance of topic Part Two: Summary of relevant research (15 points) Use of appropriate sources to support research question and hypothesis Correct APA citation style in text Part Three: Overview of the Present Study (5 points) Clear statement of inconsistencies in past research and what still needs to be addressed Clear statement of research question Brief overview of method Clear statement of hypotheses APA style/formatting Paper Grade

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