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HAC Medicare policy

Because policy development and compliance do not happen in a vacuum, health administrators need to consider their various stakeholders as they think about the pros and cons of any health policy and of how to implement it strategically.

You are already studying the new HAC Medicare policy mandated by the ACA to determine if and how to influence rulemaking and to plan for impacts on an organization’s operations. This week’s assignment will piggyback on last week’s assignment.
As health administrators, your Policy Task Force has taken time to identify the major stakeholders in the HAC policy issue, realizing that an organization must communicate with its stakeholders in a particular way.

Some stakeholders may be valuable in advocating for particular rule provisions and others will be instrumental in the success of an organization’s compliance with the policy.

You have been asked to weigh in with a suggested plan for keeping stakeholders in the loop regarding the HAC Medicare policy you have been studying.

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