False-Memory Gradient 1

Read the article “Increased False-Memory Susceptibility After Mindfulness Meditation ” by Wilson et al. In your essay, you will be asked to compare and contrast the results you have been obtaining from the lab data set with the results in the paper.

Your response to this article should be in a well-written essay of 200 to 1200 words, including a total of 3 to 7 paragraphs. Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar should be used throughout the essay. Do not put your name in the essay! Your essay should include all the information requested in the following guiding questions.

Note: Gradient does not recognize mathematical or Greek letter symbols. Including them in your text might introduce wrong symbols in the text and might cause the word number counts to change. Make sure that you do not use them. Explain with words.

Prompt Questions:

1.- Briefly describe (with your own words) the aim of the study presented in this paper.

2.- The paper presents the results of three experiments. Explicitly write the total sample size in experiments 1 and 2.

3.- The paper presents the results of three experiments. Explicitly indicate the unit of experiment 1.

4.- Regarding experiment 1, discuss the type of sampling (explicitly name the sampling type).

5.- Regarding Experiment 1, indicate the factor and its levels.

6.- Regarding Experiment 1, discuss the type of experimental design and explicitly name it.

7.- Did the researchers follow ethical principles? Explicitly mention all three ethical principles and indicate whether there is evidence in the paper that each of them were followed.

8.- Explicitly discuss what is “the critical item” in a DRM list.

9.- The data set you are analyzing in the lab includes values of variables also measured in this paper (on different samples). Discuss the differences between the data set analyzed in this paper and the data set used in the lab. Make sure to explicitly mention at least one quantitative variable measured in the lab data set but not in this paper.

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