Ethics Application Essay base on given story-researchHi writer, I have a fake project given by lecturer, the project has long description in the uploaded document. Now I have to base on the project description and questionnaire, write about the given 3 ethical issues. The format of this essay is given and strictly follow the guideline. The 3 ethical issues are described clearly in the guideline too. Please Kindly read till the end of my guideline document and write accordingly will be fine. I am a second year uni student. Thank You.Course: Research and Practice in Crime and Criminal JusticeAssignment: Ethics Application (APA Referencing)Background: You have been invited to participate as a Research Assistant in a study of ‘procedural justice, mental health and the links to recidivism’. The project’s Chief Investigator, Dr Wong, has asked you to complete an ethics application and to facilitate this, he has supplied you with the following project description.Project Description:The population of interest for this study is ‘offenders having contact with the police in the ACT’. The sampling frame is ‘offenders detained by the police in the ACT Police Civic Watch- house’. The sampling procedure is a ‘census of all detainees between October 1 and October 31, 2018’.Data collection will be undertaken by Dr Wong himself using a self-administered survey. The content of the survey covers a range of procedural justice topics, including the detainees’ current and prior experience of police contact. The survey is 32 pages long and should be completed in blue pen – although only those with several prior episodes of police contact will be required to complete the whole survey.In addition to questions on procedural justice, the survey also asks a series of socio- demographic and mental health questions. Although sensitive, such questions are important to the research objectives and so participants are reminded that these sections must be complete before an incentive (a Mini Mars Bar) can be offered.Procedurally, detainees will be asked to participate in the research after all formal and official criminal justice procedures have been completed. Detainees are informed of the research and asked to participate by the Watch-house Sergeant. If they agree, they are escorted to an interview room and the data collection starts immediately after the Sergeant leaves. Data collection, through the use of a self-administered survey, is conducted in a standard police interrogation room equipped with 24- hour CCTV facilities. The detainee is required to self-complete the survey, in the presence of the researcher. To meet the requirements of the census method, detainees who are offered bail will be required to complete the survey before leaving the watch-house.In order to measure recidivism, the full name and date of birth for each respondent will be recorded on the interview form. This information will be used after 12 months to gather official reoffending data from the ACT Police’s PROMIS database.The present study is one of three projects conducted in the ACT. Dr Wong is also running a similar survey of Indigenous offenders at the local prison, as well as a project with clients of the Aboriginal Legal Service.THREE ETHICAL ISSUESDo no harm (minimise the risk of harm) – what harms might result from this research? How might these harms be managed?Respect for persons (obtain informed consent, voluntary participation and special protection for vulnerable communities) – is participation voluntary? Should it be, and how might it be achieved?Protect anonymity and confidentiality – are participants anonymous? Is their participation confidential? Should it be anonymous, confidential or both, and how?Written Assignment Question: For each of the THREE principles, describe what issues might emerge and how the research design might be modified to address these concerns?–              The assignment need not reproduce the project description. Students can safely assume that the examiner understands the project description in detail.–              Appropriate referencing and citation is required where external sources have been used to inform your argument. This assessment does not require you to provide a literature review on the three topics of the proposed research project. Instead, references and citations should found to support your ethical critique.–              In terms of format, you are required to briefly demonstrate your understanding of the proposed project, then provide a critique of the proposed project addressing 3 of the ethics considerations. You should demonstrate with citations, your understanding of the ethical problem, describe how the problem arises in the proposed project, and what actions you might suggest for mitigating the issues.–              You should consider the potential implications of your recommendations and make note of any issues you see arising from them. Remember, ethics is about balance. Your proposed solutions might raise other issues, but those issues might be less significant or harmful etc. Showing that you have thought through these implications would be helpful.–              Submissions are to be made electronically, via TurnitinThe post Ethics Application Essay base on given story-research appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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