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Comparative Education

This web activity is a research exercise that asks you look to back on the past six weeks and focus on one of the countries mentioned in the Mundy, K., Bickmore, R., Hayhoe, M., Madden & Madjidi, K. (Eds.) (2017). Comparative and international education: Issues for teachers. Canadian Scholars Press Inc: Toronto. (Note: For this exercise I ask that you select a country other than Canada or the United States). Identify and discuss the major educational, social and health issues/barriers. Describe any promising actions/policies that have the potential to address these problems. If you could make one modest change to the way educational is delivered in your selected country, what would it be and why?

For this exercise you may use the Take Me There feature on the website but avoid quoting from Wikipedia and expand your research to scholarly articles or books (at least 5 additional references beyond the CIA or BBC sites in Take Me There).

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