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Diversity, discrimination and harassment

ASSIGNMENT: Perform traditional library research on an issue in business ethics, using article and research databases. Submit a bibliography and a 1500 – 2000 word research paper which argues both sides of an issue.


1. Choose your topic from the list of topics that you can find in the description of the assignment ‘Thesis’. Develop your topic from the discussions brought up in class or in the textbook. You should argue two sides of the controversy, i.e. discuss your position critically.

2. Research the topic by looking for articles about your topic from at least four search tools on Kent Library website.

The paper must make attribution to or quote at least five sources, which will also be listed in your Works Cited list.

You are encouraged to use at least two scholarly or academic journals.

Do not use an encyclopedia as one of your sources.

3. The paper should be a minimum of 1500 words and should be double spaced. The works cited list is not part of the word count. The maximum word count is 2000 words.

4. The paper should be written in MLA style. Sources must be attributed within the paper in addition to being listed under works cited.

5. WORKS CITED (Annotated)
Use MLA style for Works Cited and give a brief summary (annotation) of the article or source beneath the source information. In addition, for all Internet searches, include the name of the search tool you used and the search words you used.

All information accessed through these searches, and subsequently used directly or indirectly in your paper, needs to be cited.

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