Developmental stages of the LearnerPlease use correct English, check your grammar and spelling very well. When citing use APA style with the name of author, year, and page number. Use textbook if Susan B. Bastable. Current Edition.Pleas check the upload and email for the questions to write on. And also answer both question 1and 2 . Answer the questions base on the information given by my instructor.ThanksDEVELOPMENTAL STAGES OF THE LEARNER – Answer both questions– You have been asked by your local elementary school principal to address a group of parents about the problem of obesity. Among the topics you have been asked to talk about are good nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Since all of your parents are adults, list five principles of adult learning and describe how you would incorporate them into your teaching plan– The principle and the parents would like you to develop a health education program that addresses obesity for the elementary school. List five important points about teaching children that you would need to consider in planning your program. Compare and contrast the strategies you would use for elementary school students versus adults.Note: please answer both question correctly with correct grammar, spelling and citation with reference page . use textbook Susan B. Bastable current edition. cite with page numberDear writers,Please check the message below and reply to the client.Please see the upload file for the questions asked. Answer both questions 1and 2 correctly. Check spelling, grammar use textbook Susan B. Bastable newer edition. Cited with APA style and with reference page. When citing include author, year and page number.ThanksIf you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact support team 24/7.The post Developmental stages of the Learner appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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