Counseling discussion

Respond to Module 3 Discussion Questions. Answer all parts of the question in a brief, concise, well developed and thoughtful paragraph. Responses should be indicative of graduate level students. Respond to at least one class member post.

  1. Explain the necessity of having the client clarify their problems before goal selection. – Chapter 5
  1. How could one’s socioeconomic status affect career choice? – Chapter 5
  1. When and why is it a good idea to administer a substance abuse screening? – Chapter 5
  1. Perform Case 5.1 – A Divorced Mother Who Frequently Changes Jobs on page 159. Respond to the 5 questions presented.
  1. Identify which age group (elementary, middle, high school, adult, school or community) you work or will most likely work. I am assuming for most of you this is a school setting based off of your introductions. Respond to the following as it relates to career assessment in your current place of employment with students or clients.
  1. Place of Emplyment
  1. Age Group
  1. Career Assessment(s) administered to students or clients. Also, send the link or upload the career assessment.
  1. How would this career assessment help assist you in your work with students or clients?
  1. After reviewing the program for yourself, what are the benefits of the program? What are some disadvantages of the program?

Use book this book to answer questions

Zunker, V.G. (2016). Career Counseling: A holistic approach. Boston, MA. ISBN-13-978-1305-08728-06.

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