conduct a noise survey in a family canning businessThe English language is my second language so I like to use easy Australia language and easy to understand. Use articles and websites according to Australia AND open source.Please provide me with all referencesI need 18 referencesFocus on Methods and Measurements – Results – Discussion – Conclusion & Recommendations because these include high marks, so you have to write a lot of words about them.Write the case study according to ALOHUSE Harvard Australia referenceQUESTION ON have to use these References :Reed, Sarah. & Pisaniello, Dino. & Benke, Geza. & Burton, Kerrie. 2013, Principles of occupational health & hygiene: an introduction / edited by Sue Reed, Dino Pisaniello, Geza Benke & Kerrie Burton Allen & Unwin Crows Nest, NSWThe Noise Manual, Revised Fifth Edition Aug 1, 2003, by E. H. Berger • AS/NZS 1269Part 1:You were requested to conduct a noise survey in a family canning business to determine the noise exposure for workers during normal operations. It was aclear day with no wind. The walls and roof (high roof & low reverberation) of the factory are colourbond steel and the floor is concrete (to maintaincleanliness and enable high pressure hosing of the area after production closes at the end of the normal eight hour shift). A review of the chemical registerrevealed that no ototoxins were present in the workplace.There are 10 people who work in the factory across a range of activities; plus a supervisor who visits the factory area for up to 30 minutes several times perday.You were sent a video of the operation are your initial observations?The post conduct a noise survey in a family canning business appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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