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Choose a recent social media posting

The conversational nature of writing is often more visible and immediate in online discussions.

This Exploration will help you see this process in action.

Step 1: Choose a recent social media posting that generated lots of comments (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, a blog, something else). This could be something that was initiated by you, that you participated in, or that you’ve just found now.
Step 2: Trace out what you see as the conversational “turns” (do people overall agree? do new people come in who disagree? does it start out emotional and then people bring in facts?).
Step 3: Deepen your analysis with the following questions: How does this function as a conversation, do you think? How does (or doesn’t) Burke’s metaphor of the parlor apply to this conversation?
This Exploration should be between 1.5-2 typed, double-spaced pages.

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