Chest x Ray, Nuclear Medicine, Artificial Intelligence in Radiology, LythotripsyPart 3: Clinical Concept DiscussionReview and comment on at least 5 clinical concept summaries posted by your classmates. Be sure to read the summary, review the web pages, and watch the videos.Comments should be detailed. If you’d like to receive full credit for this part of the project, you will need to write more than just a few sentences. Please see the details listed below for what should be included in your comments. Do not repeat information noted by your classmates’ previous posts. 100 word minimum.In your comments,Mentioned what you learned from the clinical concept summary, videos, and websites posted by your classmate.Discuss how the information did or did not change your perception of the radiography profession.Note any information you feel is important to remember.The grading rubric for this assignment will be as follows:Comments: Each discussion board comment entry was complete to include information learned, detailed perspective and information that was considered important to remember. Comment was elaborate and reflected detailed/complex thoughts.The post Chest x Ray, Nuclear Medicine, Artificial Intelligence in Radiology, Lythotripsy appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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