CCJS 341 Week 6Discussion 1Your reading this week is on terrorism. For this week you need to focus on one of the headings found in the reading: Before the Incident, During the Incident, or After the Incident and then:Discuss the key elements found under your heading. Remember that an excellent post is one that brings in additional information, resources, etc.Discussion 2With terrorism playing a prominent role within our borders, some have suggested the possibility of combining efforts of the military with law enforcement.What benefits could/would be gained by the criminal justice system as a whole by combining the efforts of military with law enforcement?On which criminal activities would this joint effort have the most impact?to access the reading material for these questions go to on my classesLogin information will be available for the assigned writer onlyCCJS 341 go to content and week 6 discussionThe post CCJS 341 Week 6 appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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