After the completion of the module, complete the following tasks based on the provided scenario and previously obtained documentation.Create the professional documents to capture the following requirements,Define requirements and classify e.g. the thing that is needed or wanted Functional requirements e.g. capabilities, technical, physical – a family of 4 needs a three bedroom house Non-functional e.g. behavior, functions, qualities – children need to be able to walk to school Create user stories. e.g. for each stakeholder (think every member of a household), create a concise statement of functionality or quality of value – Dad wants a place to watch the game and change the oil of his car. Document using each of the following to convey functional requirements and assess use case and nonfunctional requirements. Be sure to describe the type you have chosen. e.g. BPMN diagram, decision model. Prototype Model Diagram Model user acceptance criteria, conceptual, logical and physical designs including wireframes, diagrams, reports and support technical visualizations as applicable. – e.g. house choices that are for sale, constructed image of floor plans, sold reports (to support location choice), school reports, and visitors bureau of area activities with a walkable score (may need to use Google maps for distances if not available). Use BPMN (Business Process Model Notation) to document – keep generic (use roles vs names) so these can be reused Current state e.g. include everyone from RACI, the processes, communication, with start and end state Future process state e.g. who will continue to communicate, work together, which processes remain once the project is over? Should have a regular start and end state.The post Business project, Define Requirements & Documentation, Business plan appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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