Business Performance Improvement Case #3This week, we will be applying some of the “7 Quality Control Tools” discussed on page 480 of the Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence text (i.e. flowcharts, check sheets, histograms, Pareto diagrams, cause-and-effect diagrams, run charts, and control charts).Do both of the following:**********(1) Do Problem #10.b on page 506 (cause-and-effect diagram).Review the details of the cause-and-effect diagram on pages 489-491.Some aspects of the problems during a process improvement study at a distribution center for aircraft parts are listed in the attachment. Add at least two more items to this list based on your experience or Internet research.Develop a cause-and-effect diagram to help identify the sources of error. Use categories such as Employee Issues, Processing Problems, Data Entry Problems, and the like.and(2) Do Problem #15 on page 506 (histogram).A histogram is a frequency distribution showing the number of observations in each group. It is graphed as a column chart. Figure 6.15 on page 277 shows an example of a histogram.Review the attached PowerPoint discussion of the histogram in Chapter 6, Problem #12.Graph a histogram for the data in Chapter 9, Problem #15 using the data in the attached file. Be sure to label the axes correctly.The post Business Performance Improvement Case #3 appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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