Introduction (abstract/executive summary) Introductory paragraph. • Describe the situation. • Who are the key people involved? • Identify/define the main or key problem(s). • List any important consequences. • Including your recommendations/case outcome(s). 2. Case Analysis (analyzing the problem) Overview/background: • What is the key person facing? • Describe/define the key issues/problems resulting from the case. Key background information, facts, the most important issues. • What are the causes? • Analyze any financial information in the case. • Are there long or short-term problems that may arise? • Illustrate how you have researched the problems in the case. 3. Alternatives (solutions) • Write the positive advantages and negative disadvantages for each of your proposed solutions to the problem(s). • Pick the most important options (identify 1 to 3 solutions). What are your reasons? • Give the details why your alternatives. You may need to draw your conclusions/assumptions qualitatively or quantitively. 4. Proposed Solutions (identifying the best solution) • Give one good possible solution (no more than 3 if needed). • Identify each solution and explain clearly. Demonstrate that you really know the issue(s). • Why did you select that solution? Give your reasons for supporting the solution(s). • Show the facts/evidence. • How would you carry out the solution? 5. Recommendations (action needed to implement your solution) • Detail description of your solutions. • Explain your strategy for reaching a successful solution. • Is there any further actions or recommendations needed? • Ask yourself, what should be done to solve the problem and wThe post Business Case Study appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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