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Competitor Analysis

At the beginning of the term, you selected three (3) companies’ stocks to watch. In the first paper of the project, you gathered initial purchase data about those companies and reported it as well as explained why you selected those companies to track.

As the second graded paper of the project, you will now research one (1) of the companies’ competitors and provide an in-depth analysis of that competitor.
Select one (1) of the companies’ competitors i.e. If Toyota is one of your stocks, you may select Honda, Nissan, or Mazda to research as competitors of Toyota.
Read and analyze articles and websites about your company’s competitor.
Write an analysis comparing the stock you selected to its’ competitor.
Include in your analysis:
a comparative description of each company
What are their products?
Who is their target market?
Where are they located?
What size are they; # of locations, # of employees, etc.
financial information; how does your company’s value compare financially to that of the competitor
statement of which company is doing better overall and why
statement of why you selected the company you did instead of the competitor and why
statement of any other differences you have found in your company and the competitor; these are differences that you found when completing your research

The analysis must be written in APA format. Cite a minimum of three sources and include a Reference page. The article(s) used must be from a credible source and not Wikipedia. It must have an author, been issued 2014-2018, and a minimum 500 words in length. (4 pages, excluding cover sheet and reference page).

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