Aviation ProposalAll the requested details will be uploaded which will include the following:– The Academic Instructions that the writer must follow such as (format, research methodology, sampling method etc. )– My request details (the proposal details, instructions, and the proposal structure)– Two proposal examples that the writer must follow when writing my proposal. (from other students)– Other documents that should be used in the literature review.A little creativity from the writer is desirable about the Topic but please stick what I have stated in my Request Description Details document. The research should be as meaningful as possible to allow me to establish new facts and reach a good conclusion when the thesis is finalized. This is why I chose an advanced writer.– I want to have the same research methodology as provided in Proposal Example 1.pdf document since it will be easier for me to get the data for my final dissertation report.– The writer must state the advantages and the disadvantages of the research methodology proposed, the reason why it was chosen, the type and all other details as provided in both proposal examples that I have provided.– The write must follow the same format as provided by the proposal examples and follow the Academic Instructions in the powerpoint slides as well as the same proposal sample form in the word document.– All resources and references must be taken from Journals, online articles, FAA, NTSB, GCAA and EASA documents and regulations. Sources from two books are desirable.– The questionnaire should be in the Appendix, not less than 10 questions. The questionnaire format and instructions are explained in the Powerpoint slides.I would really appreciate if the writer massaged me whenever there is a confusion to prevent any misunderstanding and rewriting when the proposal is submitted to me. I will always be following up.The post Aviation Proposal appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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