Assignment 1 EDD8200Assignment 1: Best Practices Presentation: Case Study [25 points]Assignment 1 will require you to select and utilize one of the technology tools provided in the assignment one link in Canvas. Students will need to open free accounts and utilize the software program to complete the assignment. Narration and timing are required for all presentations. You will submit your URL link on the assignment template supplied by your professor. The template is located in the course content link of the Canvas course as well as below. You will then submit the document in the Assignment submission area. Please note that each professor will provide you with the necessary changes if any.Be sure to view your completed presentation via the created URL prior to submission, and then check to see if it was uploaded correctly. This is the responsibility of the student to make sure all submissions were uploaded correctly and by the due date. Based upon each professor’s scoring guide, this could impact one’s grade. It is the responsibility of each student to learn (via available online tutorials) how to utilize and narrate selected technology tools.Directions: Create a case study [this could be a true or fictitious scenario] that illustrates a massive organizational dilemma that can potentially cause any organization to crumble. Please note that the crisis in institutional leadership also influences productivity, motivation, morale, trust, and confidence. Think about several workplaces that you have had experience and knowledge of the organizational structure and environment. Have you ever had experiences related to mobbing, which is workplace bullying, miscommunication, morale issues, to name a few? If a so-called leader allowed this type of behavior to infiltrate the organization, do you feel that they were the main contributor to the crisis?You are to create your own case study [a storyline] of an organization in crisis and then provide a discussion of best practices based on your readings and offer your analysis, identifying the five most important practices to apply problem-solving skills to address issues and concerns within the organization.Your narrated presentation should be between 5-7 minutes. You should first describe your case study as it relates to the issues and then present your findings/solutions. Please review the document titled Technology Tools for Presentations, which is located in the Assignment 1 link. This document contains many technological tools to produce a narrated presentation. You only have to select one that best meets your needs. You must have four scholarly resources to support your views. Please use FIRST person when narrating.The post Assignment 1 EDD8200 appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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