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Assessment cultural heritage

whiten one paper essay included all 6 question
1. What ethnic group, socioeconomic class, religion, age group, and community do you belong to?

2. What experiences have you had with people from ethnic groups, socioeconomic classes, religions, age groups, or communities different from your own? What were those experiences like? How did you feel about them?

3. When you were growing up what did parents and significant others say about people who were different from your family?

4. What about your ethnic group, socioeconomic class, religion, age, or community do you find embarrassing or wish you could change? Why?

5. What sociocultural factors in your background might contribute to being rejected by members of other cultures?

6. What personal qualities do you have that will help you establish interpersonal relationships with persons from other cultural groups? What personal qualities may be detrimental?

here the instruction

a) Provide an introduction

b) All assessment guide questions are addressed

c) Content is discussed in sufficient depth

d) Content is clearly written and easy to understand.

e)Results of self-awareness exercises are adequately discussed.

f) Paper is well organized


This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome
APA format – Minimum of three reference will be deducted for each grammar/spelling error

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