the textbook we are using isFilm, Form, & Culture 3rd edition (2006)Robert KolkerMAR 4354 Marketing YourselfAssignment: Cover Letter & Resume(College of Business students are required to submit Resume to COB Career Management Services)Assignment Description and Purpose:The purpose of this assignment is for students to prepare their resume and a sample cover letter inpreparation for their actual job search.This assignment consists of three parts:Searching for an appropriate level, career-oriented job advertisementdeveloping a corresponding cover letter to apply for this positiondeveloping a resumeAssignment Instructions: Find a job announcement from a help-wanted ad in any newspaper or fromany online website for a career-appropriate position of interest to you. Write a cover letter based on theclass lecture as if you were actually applying for the job in the advertisement. Develop your resume.Make sure that the information provided in the cover letter is consistent with the information on theresume.Assignment Submission Requirements: Job advertisement or Job Description/Posting of the position Corresponding Cover Letter (as if applying for this job) ResumeAssignment Grading Parameters: (up to 100 points) Completion of submission requirements:o Job ado Corresponding cover lettero ResumeCover Letter: Presentation /how it looks/ professionalism Contento Informationo Clarity of communication Format Spelling and GrammarResume: Presentation /how it looks/ professionalism Content Format – chronology, alignments Spelling and GrammarPlease note that ANY spelling errors/’typos’ will result in a failing grade.The post analyze the movie The Last Samurai appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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