About a Celebrity please find guidelines attached.Fall 2018 Diagnostic WritingAssignment:We live in a world where fame is highly valued. Celebrity status used to be the side-effect of having accomplished something valued by our culture – think about the first man on the moon, a famous inventor, or a wildly popular musician. Now we have the phenomenon of fame stemming from celebrity itself – the Kardashians and Paris (and Perez) Hilton, Snooki, Logan Paul, and the Cash Me Outside girl. Why has this shift happened? How and when did it happen? Do you have any theories?For this Diagnostic Writing, please write a short piece that expresses your opinion about the nature of celebrity and its causes and effects in our society. While this is an opinion, you will need to support it with examples. You should not have to cite any outside sources, as everybody these days has plenty of first-hand knowledge of celebrities.This course will emphasize critical thinking. You should therefore not feel compelled to criticize celebrityhood simply because your instructor looks like he would have no use for Kylie Cosmetics. If you want to argue that society’s obsession with celebrities has a positive cultural influence, then by all means do so.Evaluation:You will be evaluated on a 1-5 scale for this writing. (See descriptors in the posted module.) The evaluation will NOT count toward your final mark but is for your personal use in seeing where your writing ranks at the beginning of the course.  Also, you must submit this assignment in order to receive a final mark in the course.Do your best to communicate clearly and completely. Make sure to use proper grammar and spelling, but do not spend time rewriting sections. Treat this assignment as though you were writing it in class: do not spend any more than the equivalent of one class period in composing it. Relax and try to enjoy what you are writing.Submissions are due in hard copy no later than Monday, September 17.The post About a Celebrity please find guidelines attached. appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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