Research Paper on the Mosque of Sheikh Lotfollah |

Research paper on the Mosque of Sheikh Lotfollah

A brief history of the buildings origins: who was the client, and what were his motivations for building it?
A detailed formal analysis of the building, both the exterior and any significant interior spaces. How was the building designed and put together?
The nature, form and symbolic importance of the building’s decorations and artwork. What is the buildings significance in context of its period in architectural history?
Compare and contrast Mosque of Sheikh Lotfollah with Sultan Hasan Complex (1-2 pages)
Include images which reference the body of text
Appropriate footnotes wherever you include factual information you have gotten from a specific source
A bibliography of all sources you have consulted. The bibliography should include at least 5 sources.
Paper text should be 5-6 pages long (not including the images), double spaced

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