Re ethnic/racial categories useful or detriment to equality/…

Re ethnic/racial categories useful or detriment to equality/equity? 
2. Is equity a solution to a problem caused by “made-
up” categories of people? 
3. Are racial and ethnic labels products that separate and divide people or useful language that 
helps people find a common identity to fight against privilege?
4. What’s more productive to have a multicultural America 
with labels or a mestizo (transcultural) America without labels? W
Discuss he pros and cons of racial/ethnic categorizations and takes a position on ethnic/racial categories as a way to preserve distinct physical and cultural values within American society. 
Use (3) readings to build your argument:
Ishmael Reed, “America: The Multicultural 
Espiritu and Omi, Who are you calling Asian? 
Rumbaut, The Pigment of Our Imagination
W. Perdomo, “Nigger-Reecan Blues” 
C. Hitz, “Generation X”
Chang, “Saying Yes”
Mukherjee, “To Ways to Belong in America.” 
Rich, “Split at the Root”
Peggy McIntosh, “Unpacking White Privilege” Plagiarism Free Papers
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