Q&A Homework for Econ 335 International Finance

The writeup needs to be around 3 pages of double spaced size 12 text. Include graphs were applicable.

Please be as detailed as possible. The following are the instructions and questions as required-

Read the posted article “As Swiss Economy Blooms, Central Bank Presents a Quandary,” from the March 15, 2018 Wall Street Journal (author Brian Blackstone) about the most recent policy decision by the Swiss National Bank (SNB), Switzerland’s central bank.Please note: Switzerland currently floats its currency. Then answer the following questions about the article.

  1. Explain why the SNB decided to keep its policy rate at -0.75%.Use the EUD and r equations to help with your explanation.
  2. Why does the author say that “the central bank is still in crisis mode?” (Hint: look at the reported indicators describing current Swiss macro performance.)
  3. How has the low policy rate affected the Swiss housing market? Is this a potential problem?
  4. Does this article suggest a potential conflict between internal balance (IB) and external balance (EB) in Switzerland?

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