Public Policy of Homelessness Issue.

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Public Policy of Homelessness Issue. Even though the projected achievement never materialized, some families got home through this initiative. This is a paper that seeks to analyze the policies, stakeholders involved, and development and implementation policy. Further analysis accompanied by recommendations will be offered too.
Mayor Schell was elected into office in 1998 to serve a four-year term as the Seattle mayor and immediately embarked on a mission to rid the streets of homeless families. By this time, Seattle alone had close to 5500 people who had no homes and nearly 1500 of this number slept on the streets (University of Washington, 2006). To compound the situation, the city’s homeless shelters could not accommodate any other meaning the situation was precarious for the administrator. The plan to reduce the rate of homelessness was meant to last six months, though this never materialized. Even though a number of people were offered the solution to their predicament, the policy did not offer everybody the home they badly needed.
Policies refer to the programs that are action-oriented that are normally promoted and implemented by public authorities. Almost always, these policies are normally based on the problems identified and tend to offer the solution. The policies focus not just on the main issue but goes to an extent of changing values norms and setting goals for the future (Pawson & Wong, 2013). Thus, the major concepts of mayor Schell’s plans include the change of the scenarios in homelessness. In other words, the goal of this plan was to provide a solution to homeless families in Seattle city.
Secondly, there is the concept of regulation that identifies and describes the process that collective action will be promoted, coordinated, and guided in a bid to ensure goals are in line with the expectations. Also, this concept details how the problems that may be faced ought to be solved and other situations.&nbsp.
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