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How embarrassing will it be to tell your PI that after carefully evaluating 5 years of data, you realize that you have no statistically significant results? As you start analyzing your data you may, in fact, discover gaps in your argument, lack of proper control experiments, and mistakes in your data collection — this is okay. These unpleasant surprises don’t have to diminish your confidence: you can pull together what you already have into a cohesive thesis. Don’t let these surprises make you feel like impostor. The perfect thesis doesn’t exist. Expect to make changes to your story and table of contents as your thesis unfolds during the writing process. Almost every graduate student realizes that they could have improved some parts of their research. Unfortunately, these discoveries frequently lead to guilt, instead of insights on how to move forward to wrap up your thesis. The only way to finish your thesis is to own what you have so far, mistakes and all.

Most of the time, you will realize that you already have more parts of your thesis in place than you thought. This can be a big relief. When you come to terms with what you already have (and what is still missing) it will be much easier to craft a realistic timeline to finish your thesis and create a job searching strategy. 3. Negotiate at your committee meetings (yes, it is allowed). In my fifth year of grad school, I went to a thesis defense that I thought was one of the best presentations I had ever heard. To my surprise, my friend told me that she wasn’t sure she would graduate on time, until her final committee meeting. “My committee had super-high expectations,” she said. Your thesis requirements are not set in stone. It is up to you to negotiate reasonable milestones and timelines at your committee meetings. If you want to graduate on time and have a job lined up, you must take leadership of your thesis and your committee meetings. So, how do you do that?

First, prepare thoroughly for each committee meeting, and then decide in advance what you think is a reasonable plan and timeline for your thesis. Professors will actually have more respect for you if you come to your meeting with a proposal. They may not agree with you on every point, and they may suggest more experiments or data analysis. This is when you can start negotiating. By the time you are close to graduation, you know more about your topic than anyone else in your department. Discuss openly whether the additional work they are suggesting is necessary to complete your thesis, or if what you already have is enough for a story. Remember, you are not at the mercy of your thesis committee. In the best case scenario, they will agree with your proposal, or perhaps they will ask you to do a bit more. Either way, you will have clarified what you need to do to finish your thesis.

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