The Shifting Grounds of Materiality?

1. Read Holding on to 9/11: The Shifting Grounds of Materiality? by Laura E. Tanner.

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2. Determine the interrelationship among claim, support and warrants. Do they work well together? Point out any inconsistencies.
3. Write an essay of analysis (4pages) discussing the reading as argument. Include specific examples from the essay to support your discussion. Employ a balance of

summary, paraphrase and quotation examples from the essay and use good narrative crediting format as you write the analysis. Carefully consider the diction that the

author uses. Is that diction well-chosen?

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4. Evaluate the effectiveness of the argument. Please do not make the judgment on the basis of whether you happen to agree with the author?s viewpoint. Instead, try to

decide whether the author makes the case in a logical, supported, credible manner.
5. Pay special attention to the author?s use of MLA citation, notes and works cited. How has she employed her sources in her argument? Note places in the argument

where she has enhanced her case with the use of credible citation.
6. Please use the standard one-inch margins, 12 point, Times New Roman type, and double-spacing that general format requires. Do NOT use an even (justified) right

margin. Leave it as a ragged one-inch. Do include a title page (with a title!) for the essay.

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