Even though we are only three weeks into the Fall semester here at UNC Chapel Hill, I am already starting to plan my Spring course on Ideological Critique. ] book, The Signifying Monkey. In conjunction with the Gates, the students will read two of the three novels he analyzes, The Color Purple by Alice Walker and Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neal Hurston. Here is a short piece of literary criticism I wrote almost twenty years ago about the Walker novel. Since its publication in 1982, Alice Walker’s The Color Purple has attracted a good deal of critical commentary in addition to a wide general audience. Why did Walker choose to write an epistolary novel? Mr. —–.” In the earlier letters, she consistently misuses the possessive case, writing “Mr. Mr. —- daddy” on page 58. Then, in the dramatic and pivotal letter to Nettie, in which she announces that she is not writing to God any longer, she uses it correctly. — “Mr. There is a way that men speak to women that reminds me too much of Pa.

Research paper thesis statements are what support a student’s academic argument, which is what college-level writing is all about. Academic writing assignments are often intended to be forms of persuasive work. The student’s job is to persuade the reader that his/her argument is sound, if not completely persuasive. A project that fails to present a persuasive argument backed by facts and research is a project that will likely receive a poor academic grade. The research paper thesis statement should appear in the introductory paragraph . Some students make the mistake of thinking that the thesis statement should appear in the conclusion and that it’s a summation of what appears. On the contrary, a main argument is what supports the rest of the report, not what results from the document. A research paper thesis statement is essentially the stand that the writer intends to take. After a brief introduction of the topic, a student should state his/her position on the subject that the remainder of the work will support.

The research paper thesis statement is often one short sentence. It doesn’t have to be an entire paragraph. As a matter of fact, shorter, to-the-point, thesis statements are better than long, drawn out thesis statements. A thesis statement acts as the basis for the entire paper. The reason it appears at the beginning of the document is because the remainder of the text is used to support that one statement. Making a research paper thesis statement is like saying to someone “here is what I think,” and then proceeding to support the position with sound, investigation-based arguments. Research paper thesis statements often make claims and assertions that may be unpopular. What students must do is to make sure that they fully support their thesis statement or their document will be weak. Rather than concentrating on a research paper thesis statement that’s inflammatory, learners should be certain that their statement is one they can argue credibly. Thesis statements are one of the most common demands of academic studies at any level. This is because every writing assignment a student completes will require a thesis statement.

Writing a thesis statement isn’t easy; in fact, many learners will find that writing a thesis statement is the most difficult aspect of completing a paper or paper. For many learners, therefore, completing thesis statements effectively comes through regular and focused practice. A thesis statement is typically a sentence or group of sentences. Therefore, it’s a very short text to compose. However, writing a thesis statement differs drastically from writing other sentences because in a thesis statement, every single word matters. A thesis statement summarizes the entire point of a report or essay; therefore, it must be explicitly clear, exceptionally well thought-through, and at least somewhat original. Therefore, these few sentences will likely take hours to generate and refine. The first step of writing a thesis statement is selecting a general topic. This topic should be something the student is interested in and has an opinion about. After choosing a general topic of interest, the student should consider if there’s a more specific area of the topic that’s interesting to him.

Most student texts are brief; therefore the topic of the document shouldn’t be larger than the space allotted for the assigned text. For instance, a student couldn’t write about the topic “global warming” in the span of a single text: it’s too large. Therefore, he/she should select one specific aspect of global warmingsuch as the contribution of household energy consumption to global warming. Next, the student must develop a thesis by inserting his/her opinion on or interpretation of the topic. The statement above is a thesis statement, but it’s not the best thesis statement possible. This is because it’s not very specific. Completing thesis statements effectively requires re-examining the thesis several times to challenge it to be more original, more interesting, and more specific. For instance, in the statement above, there’s no indication of why addressing household energy consumption is one of the easiest ways to reduce global warming. Completing thesis statements that are clear and precise requires this kind of careful revision.

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