Technical Report

Technical Report
Project instructions:
PART 1: Written Technical Report
Written report should be 10 pages long.
Components I expect on the written technical report are as follows:
1. Introduction (3 pages; 20 pts)
a. Describe the MedPAR (Google it) dataset and give some background.
b. Identify and define the MS-DRGs that you intend to analyze from the data set.
c. Develop a rationale using previous research for assessing those MS-DRGs and your specific research question.
d. Specify your research question and hypotheses.
2. Methodology (2 pages; 20)
a. Describe the statistical methods to be used:
i. Must use at least two of these techniques: (red text please)
1. Regression analysis
62 Data mining methods
ii. Describe how you will use these statistical methods for answering your research question
b. Describe any data clean-up or data quality issues of note.
3. Results (2 pages;)
a. Report basic descriptive statistics for variables of interest along with graphs or tables to assist in the presentation. You must include at least two tables/charts/graphs.
b. Report the results of each of the statistical techniques
4. Conclusions (3 pages;)
a. How did your results answer your research question?
b. Was the alternative hypothesis supported?
c. How do your results compare to results of other studies?
d. Limitations with the study
e. Future studies
5. References (use APA format) (1-2 pages)
a. You should include at least 5 references including a reference to the MedPAR dataset
6. In an appendix, include your R scripts and any Excel files you used for completing your project (5 pts)
PART 2: Formal presentation 6 pages
Components I expect on the formal presentation are as follows: 6 (this will be the script for the power point presentation I will be doing).
Your formal presentation is a summary of the Introduction, Methodology, Results, Conclusion, and References sections from your written report. The presentation should be about 15 mins in length and follow the following format:
1. Introduction (1-3 slides;)
a. Background information
b. Research question and hypotheses
c. Rationale for research question
2. Methodology (1-4 slides; 5)
a. A description of your methods and statistics
3. Results (2-4 slides;)
a. Report descriptive statistics
b. Report findings from statistical procedures
c. Use graphs/tables/charts where appropriate
4. Conclusion (1-3 slides)
a. Describe how your results answered your research question and hypotheses
b. Limitations of your study
c. Recommendations for future studies
5. References (use APA format) (1 slide;)
a. Only include references for work cited in your presentation, not the complete reference list from your written report.
You can write a script in the notes section for each slide.

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