Suppose your consulting firm has been hired by a small company that wants to expand globally. The business has been successful for the past ten years and has been growing at a steady pace. However, the company wants to create additional layers of management where the upper level management would focus more on the strategic initiative of the business going global and the lower manager would focus more on the day to day operations. There are a few challenges the current executive team must determine and this is why your consulting firm has been hired to advise the executive team on their challenges. Some of the main challenges and decisions you as the consultant must research and propose for the executive team are such thing as half of the current employees are very satisfied with their current job and responsibility.


However, the other half of employees are eager to move up within the organization chart and into higher management position or into management position. The dilemma here is that budget does not allow everyone to be promoted and some of these individuals are lacking on their performance and are not going to be a good fit as manager based on their past performance. It is your responsibility to distinguish the high performers for management positions. In additions it is your responsibility to propose different methods for the executive team to apply on the remaining employees to maintain the business overall and not cause any major chaos at the work place.   


To remember / guideline




  • What’s paper going to talk about. What’s the problem here? which high performers to promote, what to do with the underperformers, and stuff like that.


Background ( why was I hired as a consultant? To make what decisions?) and my suggestions on what to do


  • Performance /identity performers ( high)
  • Motivate those not performing. How? What can we motivate them? ( monetarily , non-monetarily? Benefits, etc ) research that


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