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Today’s business arenas are extremely competitive nationally and internationally. Please thoughtfully consider the following statements and provide answers supported from information in your textbook and include at least one outside source with appropriate citations.




  1. Support a leadership impact ideology for TQ implementation by synthesizing the processes necessary to provide an organization with a TQ paradigm.




  1. Assess three (3) characteristics that contribute to a TQ organization by prioritizing the steps necessary to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace using TQ methodology.




  1. Evaluate how you, as a manger, would integrate three (3) specific leadership initiative tools to provide your company with a TQ organization.





Some information from the chapter that can be helpful



The total quality approach to doing business may be radically different than what management and employees are used to. Managers who are used to sitting in their lonely towers at the top of the pecking order and issuing edicts from on high are likely to reject the concept of employee involvement and empowerment. Employees who are used to competing against their own fellow workers for promotion and wage increases may not be open to mutually supportive internal partnerships and teamwork. Situations such as this can create an environment that is hostile toward change, no matter how desirable that change is. Change can be difficult, even when people want to change. It can be impossible in a hostile environment.

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