Updated on February 1, 2018 Lisa moreI have had a lifelong passion for reading and writing and graduated with a bachelor’s in English-literature. In your opinion, are research topics for papers always hard to come by? This is not the first time I have written on the topic of research topics in English literature. If I could sit and write every single research topic on literature down, I would be here quite literally forever. Research topics can be about just about anything. As long as it is related to your particular area of study, it should be guaranteed to be the right topic for you. Literature comes from all different countries, genders, time periods, etc. Furthermore, they cover different messages concerning issues such as race or other politics or simply reflect the ideals of the times they are written in. The best advice I ever received was from one English literature professor who said to always choose a research paper topic you are actually interested in.

Here are a list of potential research topics in literature to give you some inspiration for your own or help you get started on your own paper. One potential research topic in literature is a focus on literary devices within the novel(s) of your choice. For example, you could focus on one specific literary term and how it was used differently in two novels. Discuss and analyze the allegory of the novel(s) you have chosen to focus research on. For example, how does Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reflect man’s struggle to contain primal instincts? Focus on a character or two within the novel and find connections based on the character’s history. What are we told about this character? What does the author leave out? What does this character’s journey/experiences teach the reader? What are some major uses of imagery within the novel? How are they connected and what is their significance to the story? How do the characters reflect the ideals of the time?

For example, how does Samuel Richardson’s heroine in Pamela reflect the ideals of female chastity? Is the novel historically accurate? Explain how it is or how it is not. If it is not, this can be an especially fascinating research topic in literature. Was this novel written during a major historical event? How is this reflected in the novel? Sometimes a piece of literature does not directly speak about the events going on at the time but can be a reflection nonetheless. Was the writer a recent WWI vet? Did they protest the current war or aim to promote conservative ideals? Novels can help promote ideas and even take a major place in history as something radical or thought provoking. Books that have been or currently are banned are a great place to look for potential novels to focus on. Do you think the best paper topics are those that you write for or against the author’s argument?

I particularly enjoy studying different genres in literature but there are plenty out there that I dislike. For example, for a literature class focused on realism, we were asked to come up with our own research paper topic. I dreaded the idea of writing a minimum thirty pages on a novel I disliked. However, taking the advice mentioned earlier from another professor, I came to a solution, which was to compare one novel from realism with another from one of my favorite genres, Gothic literature. This ended up being one of my favorite essays during my college years and I actually enjoyed every minute of writing and research for it. How did this genre emerge? Who were the major writers within this genre? Compare two genres that seem completely different, yet share similarities not immediately evident. What genre does the particular novel of your choice come from? Does it argue against another distinct genre? Another important tip to remember when writing a paper focused on literature is to avoid summarizing as much as possible.

Summaries are boring to read, especially if your audience has already read the book. Plus, they can sometimes lead you off track. Remember that the most important aspect of a research paper is actually sharing all that research and the points you wish to make. Research topics in literature can be difficult to come by. The very best advice, which I have already mentioned at least twice and must reiterate once more, is that your research paper topic should be on something you find interesting. The literature topics you actually care about tend to make the best papers because that passion for it shows through and captures readers much more than a forced interest ever would. There are a few guidelines that can help guarantee choosing a research paper topic in literature that you are passionate about. Please feel free to share any additional ideas on research paper topics in literature in the comments below. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. May God Bless You. Useful for research students. Keep sharing. Voted up.

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