Olympic National Park – Park Ranger

Olympic National Park – Park Ranger
Project description
Instructions: I just need two websites’ sources
The writing assignment is a two-week?s discussion.
Discussion Background:
There’s a little town called Forks, Washington. Ever heard of it? It’s a tiny little town (pop. 3,120) on the Olympic Peninsula that is the setting for the Twilight book series international phenomenon by Stephenie Meyer. According to our friends on Wikipedia, as a result of the “Twilight Phenomenon”, Forks has seen a 600% increase in tourism since the books’ publication. In 2009, the town received over 70,000 visitors, which contributed approximately $125,000 in additional tax revenue for the city (see this article for more stats).
To my writer:
For the two weeks I was assigned a role to play in the discusision, a citizen of Forks, Washington. My role is Park Rangers at Olympic National Park and National Forest.
I will participate in a round table visioning discussion on the future of tourism in Forks, considering that the surge in tourism in this small town (and the resulting attractions, revenue and infrastructure) is due to a set of very specific events that have an expiration date.
First, check out these websites on Forks: http://www.forkswa.com/ and http://www.forkswashington.org/ Look through all the links to learn about the destination and its many characters. Try your best to stay true to your roles (without offending anyone who might actually be from Forks!), and put yourself in their shoes. The goal is that by the end of this discussion session, you will have a clear vision of what you, the citizens of Forks, want tourism to look like in your town in the year 2015.
Secondly, you may need to read Unit 6 to get some knowledge about local level tourism plan methodologies to write my discussion. The unit 6 file will be uploaded to you.

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