Commercial media focusses on distribution of information to the citizens in a certain location. Noncommercial media is also widely spread and it deals more in specific topics for a specified type of audience.
Most media stations have become more of vessels for advertising that it has become a powerful force. This has also brought about censorship in order to control the advertisements that may be unsuitable. Advertising in the media is done in a creative manner so as to ensure that important and convincing information can be sent to the masses so as to influence them to be able to purchase the goods and services. Advertising is done so as to persuade the customer to buy products, and services and it influences a potential customer to be interested in a product.
Advertising also has negative effects such as hidden costs that can be faced by the company that are doing the advertisement thus may prove to be expensive to the companies due to the charges imposed by the media companies for advertisement airtime. The benefits of the product are brought about by the advertisement methods so as to ensure that the customer is well persuaded.
The anchors also have different appearances that match up to the audience or the portions of the news segments that they have. The anchors are also from varied backgrounds thus this explains the differences in the anchor appearance. Different anchors have different manners in which they convey information and news to the audiences.
The news is also edited and packed early enough and the content is well revised so as to ensure that the right information is conveyed to the audience that is being targeted. Music is also added in the segments so as to ensure that appeals to the audience as well as to capture their attention. This also has the impact of keeping the audience interested in the news. The stories are also allocated specific time segments that ensure that it captures the important topics that are expected to be conveyed. The media has more of chitchat than news. This is indicated by the fact that they may veer off the topic in discussion and tend to focus on the questions which they get from the listeners. The conversations are held with the audience and can lead to an interactive session. This may even contribute to other people getting interested in calling into the station in order to have an even much broader conversation with others.
The news presentations appeal to the emotion of listeners and this is proven by the fact that a lot of feedback is given by the listeners. Some listeners are given the chance to call into the radio station so that they can tell the presenters what they feel while other can be involved by sending a message that tells the stations what their opinions are. The shows also tackle the important topics as well thus ensuring that the message is well conveyed to the listeners.

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