Paper instructions:
a. Consider a problem you would like to tackle for the solutions project. On your own, use prewriting techniques to explore it further. Although you can select whatever topic most interests you, your solution should reflect some consideration of sustainability (meeting the needs of the present generation while taking care of the future).
b. When you have refined your problem, use the tutorial provided in this lesson to explore the library for sources. Write an annotated bibliography that features:
? a source from the CQ Researcher
? a source from EBSCO Academic Search
? a source from either the National Newspaper Core or Opposing Viewpoints (studied in Lesson 5)
? one additional source from your choice of either EBSCO Academic, CQ Researcher, Opposing Viewpoints, or National Newspaper Core
Lesson 8
Title: Search for answers
I. Great Grandmother
a. Father side of family
b. Was she native American
c. Is the story about a white family raising her true
d. Was she a medicine woman
e. How did she learn to be a medicine woman
II. How will I find out this information
a. Internet
b. Ancestor search
c. Talk to family members
d. Search documents
e. Library
f. Academic search
g. National newspapers
III. Why is this important?
a. It is important to me to know my history
b. It is important to pass on the truth about history to family members
c. Keeps family connected
IV. The effect of immigration on the US economy
Description of the problem
The twentieth century has become a time for attacking and destroying differences in races. The sixties brought race equality but people of color continued to struggled to regain their cultural identity. People of color was forced to identify with the white race. Native American are culturally unique and historically significant to our society. The Native Americans have lost and will never regain traditions that make them unique. They live in houses like their white American counterparts. They speak English like their white American counterparts. They live according to what is customary in America. The problem is Native Americans live and speak according to what is customary in America but they hold dear in their hearts the traditions of their elders.
In the past, Native Americans were persecuted. They were ridiculed, mocked, pushed around, and sent to camps. Their births were recorded as if they were live stock. They were forced to live in subhuman conditions. People blamed them for crimes they did not commit. Native Americans offspring hid their heritage to escape these unpleasant experiences. It appears with the influx of immigrants at the border these newly arrived immigrants are now experiencing these problems. Questions this paper will attempt to answer are: Did the Native Americans significantly impact U.S.? If, so how? Are the new way of immigrants impacting the U.S.? The resolution to the immigration problems of today will not come easy and will have significant impact on the future generations.

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