Started a book and then got bogged down? Judy Cullins ©2006 All Rights Reserved. Started a book and then got bogged down? This isn’t procrastination or fear. Most writers get stuck when they don’t know how to move forward, finish, publish and sell their unique, useful book to audiences just waiting for it to come out. Let me share two ways to speed up your process. Another to do, you groan? Not really. If you don’t make your book one of the top three priorities in your life, it won’t finish it. Get real. How many hours can you give to your book a week? If not ten, I say you may never get your book out. Clients get so discouraged when they don’t do their fieldwork for our coaching calls, so I came up with one solution of doing one High Level Activity or more each day for five days a week.

Go ahead; take the weekend off like I do. Affirm: I stay on track every day with my HLA’s. 1. Contact a cover person for my how to book2. Answer three questions for chapter 6. For example,- Can I write print or eBook at the same time? What’s the best eBook format for my books purpose and me? How much will it cost to self- publish? Think of the Payoffs. The trick is to finish these three HLAs or even one before you go to bed that day. If you finish fully, you’ll feel confident and your guilt will disappear. Do you try to use past research for your chapters? This is not necessary. All you need to do is answer your reader’s concerns and questions. Your reader wants your to solve his problem or challenge, whether it be to make more money, save more money, create better relationships, connect with their inner self, or to communicate better.

I was just at a conference that focused on the Common Core standards (New York State), and one of the graphic organizer templates matched the PEE Principle perfectly. It is always nice to have our work validated, and I got that from the conference today and from you. 5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA. The PEE technique is awesome, Donna. I agree it makes things simpler and easier. Voted up and useful. Thanks, richawriter. We PEE’d in my classes all day today! It really is effective. Thanks for reading and commenting. Good teaching technique you have there. It is similar to the techniques I use to teach and prepare my ESL students for their IELTS and TOEFL tests. Ooops I think I need a PEE. Good job here, Donna. You’re an honest woman and I really respect that! Yes, it’s a wonderful idea and I hope to benefit from it. No worries, vespawoolf. I just didn’t want to claim credit for something that isn’t mind. I have indeed made it my own to work for my students. I hope others will as well. Yes, you did say that!

Sorry. You made it your own and thank you for sharing it with us. Thanks, vespawoolf. Although, like I said, I didn’t invent it. I learned it while teaching in London. It is a great technique that works, so I share it as much as I can. Thanks for the read. What a great method, and how cool that you developed it yourself! I like that it’s easy to remember and to the point. Learning to write is a continual process and we can always sharpen our skills. I hope this improves mine! Thank you for sharing. Of course you can use it! I didn’t invent it. As I said in the article, I learned it while teaching in London about ten years ago. Thanks for the votes! I love the PEE method. Mind if I use it? Great hub. I gave you all the votes. You make some great points. Thanks, moonlake. They do love it when an adult says something that they think is inappropriate and gross. It gets them going everytime! Well I know where to go when I need help with my grammar. I loved your story.

We were just talking the other day about how kids love all those gross type of words. I always call them bathroom words. You are the kind of teacher we need in our classrooms. I think this lesson would help a lot of hubbers as well as your students! Nice hub, well written and full of good info. My students took their state exams on Friday, and as I walked around the exam room, I saw that several had PEE written next to the question on their exam page. I love it when they listen! Great idea. I will use this with my own children and the other homeschool kids I work with. Thanks for the “gross, but effective” idea. Angela Brummer: Yes they will! Perfect they will remember this! Paul Kuehn and yoginijoy: This has been a great approach for both my struggling students at any grade level and my ESL students. Let me know how it goes if you try it. Wilbart26 and recappers delight: Thank you! This is a very clever approach, and I hope you have a lot of luck with it. This is a great idea! I have some students that have difficulty with writing critically, even in college. I am going to try this next semester. Thanks for sharing. Voting up and awesome! You are right about that, that’s why I keep improving myself. Your method is good and another knowledge has been added to my brain. Thanks for sharing and keep up helping people. I have used variations of this concept in teaching writing to my EFL students. Voted up and sharing. This is freaking awesome. I’m a retired English teacher and love this concept. Wish I had read it years ago.

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