A SLICE OF STATISTICS: WHO LOOKS FOR AN ESSAY WRITER? Thinking stereotypically, one may get the impression that a student who uses third-party assistance with his or her writing assignments is not a very bright one. Instead, (s)he probably bides his or her time at a local community college. The actual statistics demonstrate somewhat different tendencies: – Localities. Custom writing services are most popular in California, New York, and Texas. These states are homes to some of the most prestigious universities in America. Students from Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, NYU, Columbia, University of Houston, and others find themselves in a much more competitive environment than their fellows who study in less renowned places. Achieving top results is much more important for them than one can imagine. Therefore, they often make the logical decision to trust some of the assignments to a more qualified essay writer, especially when the services are quite affordable even for a student.

This way, a student spares some time to focus on something that (s)he finds more important and relevant to mastering his or her future profession. Here, turning to a writing service is not a sign of laziness, but rather of a rational mind. Type of work. Typically, a writing company will not turn their noses up on any kind of relevant job. When addressed, they will write basically any paper. However, the students seldom address those for help with the bigger and more important papers, such as Master’s theses or dissertation. Normally, a writing company will deal with essays and research papers. This can be explained by the overwhelming amounts of those in a typical curriculum. This supports that statement that students mostly seek outside writing help out of rational mind – they merely set their priorities and try to use their limited time effectively. Subjects. The most popular subjects for outsourcing a writer are English, Business, and Management.

We have mentioned before that English is the part of the curriculum for many specialties that do not reveal any immediate need for it. As for Business and management, these are arguably the professions that need academic writing the least. This is why the students would rather have someone else type my essay in this subject than “waste” their precious time and effort, instead focusing on something more relevant, once again. SO WHOM TO TURN TO IF YOU NEED AN URGENT ESSAY? We are proud to offer top-level writing services. We have gathered a team of highly professional writers who are keen on giving their helping hands to those in need and share our passion for research and writing. That our writers have in common, but we are very diverse in our fields of specialization. Regardless of how narrow and specific your topic is, we will have just the right person to write a shining essay for you to be proud to have your name on it.

As mentioned before, our writers are passionate about what they do. This is one of the key requirements for being a part of our team. We are not like lifeless type my paper machines at some factory. We realize that a good academic paper needs to be individual, the reader must feel the human touch in it, the spark of life. This is why we see our writing as something highly creative, we always struggle to breathe life into our works. Frankly speaking, our writers always feel a bit sad to disclaim any title to the works that we are invariably proud of for the customer. But this is compensated double by the satisfaction from realizing that we are doing what we can to help a young and aspiring professional, just like everyone of us has been in our time. Obviously, we have been students in our time. So, we realize the importance of fitting into the school’s requirements for written assignments, the most important of which being the timing.

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