Girls with a Pearl Earring

Girls with a Pearl Earring
Watch a movie named “Girl with a Pearl Earring” to do this paper.
Write an essay of 600-900 words (approx.  two (2) to three (3) double-spaced page in Times New Roman 12) in which you argue the extent to which Berger’s ideas on pp. 83-85 and 99-104 of Ways of Seeing are true, partially  true or not true based upon your analysis of Vermeer’s painting (which is archived in the “In-class Exercises” folder on our Blackboard site) and the 2003 film Girl with a Pearl Earring (I will try to have  a copy of the film on reserve for you as soon as possible, but you would be well advised to obtain a copy through Netflix (if you don’t have a Netflix account, sign up for a free month’s trial but make sure to cancel it if you don’t want to pay for it thereafter) or through your local DVD rental franchise. The Brooklyn Public Library also has a few copies of the film).
Your essay must include an appropriate title (i.e. one that indicates the theme of your essay, the works you will be discussing and their respective authors); an introduction with thesis; body paragraphs with one topic sentence apiece in support of your thesis (remember, you should explore no more than one idea in support of your thesis in each body paragraph); and a conclusion.

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