Genre Theory as is Applies to Presidential Speeches

Genre Theory as is Applies to Presidential Speeches
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The final paper uses the content from the example paper and the theory paper (which I will attach). The final paper must separately explore an example of a persuasive message, a theory of persuasion, and then add a new “application” section (which is the six pages that you will be writing) which applies both the theory to the example and the example to the theory.
In this application section, you’ll explore what the theory tells us about the example and what the example tells about the theory. The application section will probably run 6 or more pages, and will represent your unique insights that have emerged from comparing the theory and the example. Each unique insight should receive a paragraph or more of development, and there should be several unique insights. Some may be well-evidenced; others might be speculative. This section represents the primary creative element of the paper, and it will be quite important in the final grade.
Thus, the overall paper will have the following structure:
I. Theory Section
II. Example/Case Study Section
III. Application Section
A few helpful tips and tidbits:
1. It will be tempting to simply copy/paste the old theory paper and example papers. In most cases, this will lead to a disjointed paper. If you do this, I suggest at least one thorough revision to tighten up the word choice and make the whole thing hang together. The writing center could help with this if you complete it early.
2. You would probably do well to develop a list of insights, and then write the integration section, giving each insight its own paragraph (or more).
3. There is no hard-minimum number of required sources, but there would presumably be as many as in the example and theory papers combined, with perhaps a few additional. If I do a google search on your paper and quickly find excellent and relevant material that you didn’t reference, that would be bad.
4. If you are a communication major, please set aside a copy of your paper in case you choose to use it to meet the Communication portfolio requirement.
5. Be attentive to spelling, style, source citation formats, etc. Please don’t hand in a first draft.
6. An introduction which begins by noting that there is a lot of persuasion/advertising out there is not advised. About 1/2 of all intros for this paper have taken such an approach, so it doesn’t help your paper to stand out. I would recommend an intro specific to your example instead
7. I recommend paraphrasing over direct quotation in nearly every case – it helps showcase your mastery of the concept. The only exception might be if the original author’s precise word choice is extremely important.

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