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Wave after wave smashed into the allied line only to be demolished and turned back. The line had absorbed the massive attack. It was no longer a clear line of allies on one side and Germans on the other. When the allied commander received the report from Mortain he was informed that the Germans were mixed throughout the allied line. This proved to be a test of the soldier’s integrity as the Germans made its first full force counter attack. I respect the will and determination of those soldiers that stood their ground and kept on fighting to the end no matter what the costs were. Just east of Mortain, the 30th Infantry Division was holding a crucial key terrain feature, Hill 317. They had been completely cut off for two days and were running low on food, medical supplies, and other items. This hill was used for directing devastating shellfire onto German tanks and troops concentrations in the valleys on all sides. The allies tried to get supplies to the hill by aircraft but were turned back by anti-aircraft guns. An idea of getting supplies to Hill 317 was to use smoke-shell cases to shoot in the supplies.

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