Financial Analysis on Sprint
A quantitative financial spreadsheet with key financial ratios.
2-3 pages, double-spaced.
Financial ratios that you believe relevant or important to your analysis and a detailed, written analysis of the findings
a trend analysis of the latest three years of key balance and income statement information, including a spreadsheet depicting the trend as well as a detailed, written analysis of the information
The most recently reported three years of financial statements and completed spreadsheets should be presented as an appendix.
BMGT 495 Financial Analysis Assignment Report Template
Use the template below as a guide for developing your response for the Financial Analysis Assignment.
Financial Analysis Assignment Cover Sheet
List of Illustrations
Table of Contents
(Start of Topic Outline for Body of Paper)
I. Introduction
II. Summary of Operations ($000)
A. Net Sales
B. Gross Margin
C. Operating Margin
D. Income before Taxes
E. Net Income
F. Summary of Operations Data Assessment/Interpretation
III. Financial Position ($000)
A. Working Capital
B. Net Property, Plant & Equipment
C. Total Assets
D. Long Term Assets
E. Stockholders’ Equity
F. Financial Position Data Assessment/Interpretation Summary
IV. Financial Ratios to cover four (4) categories of the firm’s performance; minimum one ratio from each category.
A. Liquidity
B. Leverage
C. Profitability
D. Efficiency
E. Financial Ratios Data Assessment/Interpretation Summary
V. Historical view of the financial performance; 3-year Trend Analysis for relevant financial performance variables
A. Comparisons with at least 2 major competitors
B. Comparison with Industry Standards
C. Supplemental Data
D. Historical Financial Performance and 3-year Trend Analysis Data Assessment/Interpretation Summary

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