• Truth-in-sentencing laws deter crime.
  • Truth-in-sentencing laws do not deter crime.

Write a 350- to 700-word opening argument for each position, for a total of two arguments.

  • Include scholarly references supporting your arguments.

Share opening arguments with the other group.

Write a 350- to 700-word rebuttal to the other group’s opening argument, for a total of two rebuttals.

  • Include a closing statement.
  • Include scholarly references supporting the rebuttal and closing statement.

Consider the following topics when drafting debate arguments and rebuttals:

  • Good-time and work-time credits
  • Requirements for length of time served
  • Effect on crime deterrence and recidivism
  • Differences between federal and state laws
  • Effects if parole is eliminated
  • Effects on prison population

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