Convertible Bonds” Please respond to the following:

  • * From the e-Activity, recommend two actions that the selected company can take in order to optimize its capital structure. Provide a rational for your recommendation.
  • Predict two (2) ways in which the change of convertible bonds from bonds to equity can impact a firm’s income statement and balance sheet. Determine two (2) reasons why a firm sometimes prefers to issue convertible bonds, as opposed to solely issuing equity.

Tax Shields” Please respond to the following:

  • Recommend two (2) uses of a tax shield that can improve return on the equity of a firm. Determine what the optimal degree of leverage would be as far as the firm’s capital structure is concerned. Suggest two (2) strategies you would use to optimize shareholder value by altering the firm’s capital structure.
  • Compare the APV model to similar valuation models. Determine whether or not the APV model has any advantages over the other models. Provide a rationale for your position

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