Your Second Case Study is entitled, “Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission”, and is found on pages 304-315 of the text (end of Chapter 9).

Respond to the five (5) case questions at the end of the case. Follow format guidelines below for full credit. Submit your electronic file (DOC or PDF) to the submission link in Course Materials / Case Study Submission Links.

It is due Thursday, October 18th @ 11:00pm, and the case submission link is now active.

Your case study will be not less than three full pages in length.  It will be double spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins throughout.  Appendices, charts, citations and endnotes are not included in the page length constraints.  Do not plagiarize sources; if you feel compelled to quote an external source, use appropriate attributions and citations.

Your case study will be direct and to the point but will not be so brief as to only provide veneer without necessary depth.  It will be insightful and thoughtful and present your answers to the specific questions provided.  It will also present your creative application of the course material to the topic at hand.

Also, I will be reading this as a basic business document; do not expect the best grade possible if your paper is replete with grammatical errors, spelling errors and other basic writing flaws.  Expect significant and painful decline in grading for late submission.

Here is the textbook link

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