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1. The psychological aspects of the grading system and its impact on young individuals. 2. The phenomenon of discrimination in the educational process. 3. Are low-fat products effective during the weight losing process? 4. The historical reasons for banning marijuana and their influence on the modern world. 5. The dangers of self-medication with the help of internet resources. 6. Myths behind the women’s fertility age. 7. Great marketing deceits we still believe in. 8. Vegetarianism and rawism from the evolution’s point of view. 9. The changes in the interpersonal communication in the era of text messages. 10. Every country should ban using animals for sports and entertainment. 11. Future of education and the reforms we need today. 12. Protection of the personal information in the era of digital advancements. 13. Copyright law weaknesses. 14. Why we still deny the global warming effects. 15. Future of the organic farming. 16. The new era of freelance workers and its possible consequences. 17. Bullying as one of the major reasons for teen suicide. 18. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln. 19. Battle of Dunkirk and its impact on the results of World War II. 20. The immigration crisis and its possible solutions.

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