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Going into a round pretending to be Kate Winslet or Jody Foster will leave you looking like an over-actor. Subtlety is key in any speaking event. Use your voice to your advantage, but treating a speech like a monologue misses the point. Also, planning ahead and having explicit vocal tactics in mind for certain lines will keep you from making a mistake while performing and allow for the best presentation possible. Plus, that’s one less thing to worry about while you are performing. Use your voice and refrain from being a monotone bore. Original Oratory is a process. It begins with selecting a topic, then research, followed by writing a speech, then interpretation and practice, and ending with performance. Topic selection is arguably the most important step as it starts the Original Oratory chain of events. Thus, when selecting a topic you need to be mindful of a few considerations.

Choose a strong topic. Your Original Oratory topic is what your thesis statement (sentence that explains what your speech is about and your stance/opinion) is derived from. That thesis is what will motivate and influence all research done for the speech. The thesis is also what your writing will develop from. In short, a weak topic selection can lead to a weak thesis which can doom an Original Oratory into mediocrity. Risk and originality. Sticking to a topic that has been done over and over again is grating to those who have to listen to those ideas year in and year out. That is, of course, if you are not adding a personal spin to the thesis. Making a topic personal and adding yourself can turn even the most done topic into something fresh; do not imitate another OO! New research to cite helps too! If you wish to avoid the unoriginal factor then try to think of a new, risky topic. Boundaries exist, but choosing a controversial/taboo topic to write an OO about can instantly draw in your audience.

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