In this lab, you


identifi ed the requirements and hardening guides that provide a frame to which a government network


and business should adhere, you assessed the available sites under the Department of Defense (DoD)


and identifi ed agencies in charge of providing security guidelines, and you reviewed the hardening and


best practice guidelines provided by DoD’s Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Information


Assurance Support Environment (IASE).



Lab Assessment Questions & Answers



1. What is the difference between DITSCAP and DIACAP?


2. What is DCID 6/3 and why would you use DCID 6/3 as opposed to DIACAP for certifi cation and accreditation




of a system?









Assessment Worksheet 13




37524_Lab02_Pass3.indd 13 19/04/13 1:25 AM



3. What is C&A and what are the following acronyms that are related to the C&A process: DISN, GIG, PAA,


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