paper on the topic Death Penalty in the U.S and Other Countries.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Death Penalty in the U.S and Other Countries. The US states utilize this form of punishment because the criminals have committed serious offenses. These are people who have no respect or value for human life. They are a threat to the people if they are let loose. If they are detained in detention centers, they are a load on taxpayers. Psychologists have confirmed that the circumstances of death row can make those ordered suicidal, delusional and even unreasonable, leading to the condition known ‘death row disorder’. A decision to request the death penalty is in no way taken carelessly. Both the crimes, as well as the defendant’s surroundings were thoroughly investigated. The defendants legal representatives are asked to come in this meeting to show any data they think pertinent to the decision. A death penalty is an essential tool that endorses the sacredness of human life while guaranteeing that condemned killers will never again murder others (Banner, 2003).
Death Penalty is an essential form of punishment these days. Not just is it the utmost form of sentence for an offense in the US. however, it as well gives justice to those who were distressed by the misdeed. Despite the fact that it is very controversial, a death sentence is an essential thing in the justice system because without it, this society would be infested by criminals and absurd offenses both inside as well as outside of jail. It is very important that death sentence continues to be a component of the justice system. Being the utmost type of sentence in the USA it gives criminals a little to dwell on earlier than they commit an offense. A lot of criminals do not apprehend the justice system these days as a result of ambiguities as well as different interpretations.
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