open book test need couple questions to be solved and solved right away (basic psychology) |

I will be doing a timed open book test. i will need you to solve the questions instantly, they are 10 to 13 maybe and they are not difficult. they are scenario based. the topics will be about (learning,human memory,language and toughs). i require someone with good psychology background. I’m certain that someone with good background would solve them easily. Also , ( THEY ARE MULTIPLE QUESTIONS). the duration is approximately 1 hour. DO NOT ACCEPT THE OFFER IF YOU HAVE NO BACKGROUND IN PSYCHOLOGY.
once the offer is accepted and you are ready to do it then ill start that exam and forward the questions immediately and you have to solve them right away within one hour.
THE EXAM IS ONE HOUR ONLY. PLEASE DONT ACCEPT THE OFFER IF YOU HAVE NO EXPERIENCE WITH PSYCHOLOGY. ITS 12 QUESTIONS AND THEY ARE NOT ADVANCED LEVEL. i vant give you the questions only after we agree to do it and then ill open the exam.


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